Fluïd, souffleurs de verre à Belle-Ile-en-Mer

The Fluïd Spirit

The Glassblowers of Belle-île-en-mer

Created in 2008, Fluïd is a Cooperative and Participative society (SCOP) specialized in glassblowing. Fluïd is proposing high quality products for decoration, lights and tableware.

We are producing small series, unique pieces, bespoke created from artisanal and traditional glass work. Our workshop is based in Belle-Île-en-mer, a small island on the west coast of Brittany, taking part in local life and the cultural and economic richness of the island.

Isolated form the craziness of the world, our craftsmen have a total creative freedom and can focus on creating unique high-quality pieces.

The Glassblowers of Belle-île-en-mer

Art pieces and high-end products

Fluïd is devoted to the world of decoration, lights and tableware. Each piece is hand made and mouth blown. It’s univers brights into a place, a elegant atmosphere full of colors.

Fully-fledged player on the craft industry, Fluïd wants to make each moment of sharing an enriching experience where the beauty of art and design merge.

The works produced by Fluïd harmonize to create a modern and uncluttered space. The transparency of glass mixed with the intense color creates a unique atmosphere, playing with the material that reflects the light, creating colored shadows that come alive.